Sometimes, finding the perfect vanity in your bathroom requires your own touch. Building a bathroom vanity with sink installation does not have to be too complex or frustrating a process. Here are a few key tips for starting your bathroom appliance construction.

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It’s important to have strong and sturdy materials for the start of this project. The quality of your materials (in this case, 4x4s) should not be neglected. Finding the right wood for sturdiness and visual style will go a long way to starting your construction on the right foot. It’s important to buff the vanity and apply a finish that is to your liking.

Of course, a key step is locating the perfect sink to sit on top of the vanity. But make sure the faucet you purchase is a match for the vanity you’ve just built. Double-check that the length of the faucet is appropriate, and don’t be afraid to customize if these two elements do not match up stylistically. Safely applying spray paint to your faucet can help give it that finishing touch.

For a more comprehensive look at creating a bathroom vanity with a sink, check the video we have linked above and follow the creator’s steps.



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