There are many types of fittings used in plumbing. You will often see the use of hose clamps for plumbing as they are an affordable and easy-to-use fitting. In this article, you will learn what a hose clamp is and how it is used in a variety of plumbing projects in both residential and commercial settings.

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So what is a hose clamp? A hose clamp is a device that seals a tube or connects two tubes together. They are better than a lot of other fittings like bolts because you can actually adjust the size. The main benefit of this is that you do not need to carry around a lot of different fittings, since these will work on different sizes of tubes.

There are a few different types of hose clamps. One type is the worm type. The worm gear type installs with a screwdriver or hex tool, so you need to make sure you have one of those if you want to use this type of hose clamp.

Some hose clamps don’t require the use of tools. It is important to confirm that the hose clamp you are using is suitable for the amount of water pressure in the hose.

For more information on hose clamps, see the linked video.



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