The sump pump is an essential device that aids in the prevention of damage to the basement by getting the water out of the sump pit. But, just like any mechanical system, sump pumps are also subject to mechanical faults and therefore may need replacement. Check out these signs that show it could be the right time to install a new sump pump.

Signs to Replace a Sump Pump

If the sump pump is continuously switching on and off, which is also a cycling operation, this could be an indication that you have a faulty sump pump. This could be the result of a faulty float switch, a clogged discharge pipe or a pump that is undersized for the amount of water it’s being forced to manage.

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The continuous running of the pump also puts it under huge strain which, in extreme cases, can lead to premature damage or failure of the pump. What’s more, screeching, clicking, or banging sounds from the sump pump are telltale signs something is wrong with it. These noises could indicate some problems associated with the motor, impeller or bearings. Disregarding this sound may lead you to a total breakdown of the pump, which in turn can flood out your basement area.

Take Action Right Away

A sump pump is a vital component of a home’s waterproofing system, and knowing the signs of when it needs replacement can save homeowners from costly water damage repairs. Individuals who notice any of the above signs should consult with a professional sump pump replacement service to determine the best course of action for replacing the sump pump.



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