Window treatments are a fantastic way to achieve multiple goals. Not only do they block light from entering the home, but they can also provide privacy from the wandering eyes of strangers. They can also play a huge role in the design of the room, so a proper choice that fits your needs is paramount.

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the expert in this video delves into the world of window treatments and explains the best types for each specific situation. To get started, she reviews drapery panels. These are more for design than any amount of privacy, but they can add elegance to a room unlike anything else. These classic, flowy drapes can turn a space from drab to fab in just a moment.

Next, she reviews curtains, which can still be beautiful but also have an inherent usefulness as well. These treatments are designed with a thicker fabric to block light and vision more effectively. They come in a variety of materials and colors so matching them with the rest of the room is simple.

Shades are a great alternative for those with function in mind. They can block out most light and allow for the greatest privacy. While they are not the prettiest option, they have a specific function that they do perfectly. It’s always a great choice in any room.


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