The main reason that people clad their bathrooms in ceramic tile is the extreme protection from leakage and other water problems. Drilling and plugging ceramic tiles must be done correctly in order to seal them correctly, and this means using the proper materials. Ceramic tile anchors are essential to install fixtures in the bathroom or any other tile surface.

What is a Ceramic Tile Anchor?

A tile anchor is a small plastic tube meant to be inserted into the hole drilled in the tile or other stonework. The hole in the tile or stonework is drilled to be just large enough for the tile anchor to fit snugly and evenly.

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The drilling is usually the hard part, and the anchor will easily pop into the hole.

What Are Ceramic Tile Anchors Used For?

After the hole has been drilled and the anchor placed, the fixture is placed atop it and screwed directly into the anchors. The anchor acts as a sleeve for the screw, grabbing it tightly as it expands to fill the drill hole completely. Once this process is complete, the fixture will be attached securely to the wall and the seal will be water-tight.

Anchors are essential to keep water and all the other problems that come with it from rotting away your fixtures at their most vulnerable point. Proper installation ensures a proper seal and a lifetime of uninterrupted use of your bathroom.


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