Numerous people grew up with parquet floors and carpets. In the past, hardwood flooring was for posh, ritzy mansions and rich folks. Nowadays, it’s a thing for way more consumers.

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What should you know about hardwood floors?

Hardwood Floor FAQ

Jason Spangler of Wagner Meters answers our questions:

How Does Water Get Beneath Hardwood Floors?

Damp, dank areas in a house along with non-acclimation of wood floors create water buildup. When the ventilation and the lack of a vapor barrier are present, you get water between the subfloor and wood floors.

Why Acclimate Wood Floors?

Wood doesn’t die when a tree is felled. The planks still absorb moisture from their environment. This means the planks need to be acclimatized to the humidity levels in the home into which they’re going. The planks need to release their moisture into the home’s air. If they can’t, then the planks will shrink.

What Is Tigerwood?

An exotic Brazilian or African hardwood, Tigerwood is a deep red with black tiger-like markings. With a Janka Hardness rating of 2,160, Tigerwood is bug, rot, and weather-resistant. It’s used mainly for outdoor cladding, flooring, and furniture.

Hardwood flooring is unique and attractive, giving a home terrific resale value. We hope these answers to wood flooring questions help homeowners with flooring choices.



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