Granite is one of the oldest igneous rocks and an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. If you choose granite countertops, you may be surprised to learn it sells at a wide range of prices. This range of prices is based on what grade of granite you select.

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The Location of Granite

One of the primary ways to determine the grade of granite is its country of origin. Since India has a great deal of granite, stone from that area costs less than granite from Brazil or Italy. The season in which it is sourced will also influence the price, because certain seasons yield more granite than others.

The Thickness of Granite

Indian granite tends to have dark colors and simple patterns. Another factor in grading granite is the thickness of the slab. According to the video, a slab of granite less than one inch thick is at risk of easy breakage. The video recommends 1.25 inches as the ideal thickness of granite slabs.

The Grades of Granite

Grade 1 Granite (standard granite) typically comes from India and has simple colors and patterns. Medium-grade granite is a better quality product, with a larger choice of colors and patterns. The highest grade of granite is the luxury grade. The highest-quality granite is typically found in mansions or luxury hotels.



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