A Checklist for Your Total or Partial Bathroom Remodel or Kitchen Remodel

Are you ready to dive into the world of home remodeling? Whether you’re excited about giving your bathroom or kitchen a complete makeover or leaning towards a kitchen or partial bathroom remodel, we get that mix of excitement and the ‘where do I even start?’ vibe. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back!

We have created this really useful checklist to assist you in navigating the ins and outs of your project. This article unveils everything from finding those awesome remodeling pros to tackling plumbing and water problems. Let’s dive right in!

Research Some Reputable Remodeling Services in Your Area

Finding the right professionals to remodel your home is crucial to achieving your dream home upgrade. According to Zippia, Americans spent $538 billion on home improvement projects in 2021. And guess what? They’re on to a major thing.

Whether you’re updating your kitchen or working on a partial bathroom remodel, the value of working with an experienced specialist can’t be overemphasized. Consider it like hiring a tour guide for your remodeling adventure – someone who has been there, done that, and is familiar with all the bends and detours. Without a trustworthy map, you wouldn’t want to travel through new territory, would you?

So, this is the game plan: look for remodeling marvels with a proven track record. Look for companies specializing in your field, whether a kitchen remodeler with a flair for creating beautiful kitchens or a bathroom remodeler who knows all the methods to create tranquil, spa-like retreats. In addition, testimonials and recommendations have a significant impact. Looking at their previous works is like browsing a portfolio of their best work, giving you a sneak peek at the masterpieces they can create.

Speak With an Expert in Home Restorations

Consulting home restoration contractors is a vital decision that could make all the difference in your renovation strategy. These folks? They serve as the wise sages of the remodeling world, equipped with expertise and experience that may help you avoid potential traps and turn your aspirations for your home into a solid, practical plan.

Your return on investment (ROI) will typically increase by 69% due to remodeling initiatives, according to Today’s Homeowner’s ROI of Your Home Remodel report. Yes, you read that right. These consultations completely change the game.

They aren’t simply for the show regarding a kitchen or partial bathroom remodel. Imagine having a seasoned professional examine your space and immediately identify details you might have overlooked. Consider it: gaining access to a wealth of knowledge about the integrity of your home’s structure, potential obstacles, and even those smart design modifications that could transform a remodel into an exceptional one.

Consider Replacing Your Kitchen and Bathroom Windows

Windows are often underrated but completely transform parts of your house. Particularly in your kitchen and bathroom, they play a crucial role in the grand theater of aesthetics and utility rather than simply serving as doors to the outside world. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, new windows might increase your home’s energy efficiency by 15%. That is a substantial step toward a cozier, greener living environment, not simply a minor kitchen improvement or partial bathroom remodel.

Additionally, contemporary window replacement services offer a tempting variety of possibilities to make this fantasy a reality. Consider streamlined, energy-efficient windows that let in sunshine and maintain a steady, comfortable indoor environment. These windows are the MVPs of insulation, kissing drafts goodbye and bringing warmth into your world. Additionally, they provide UV protection, which guards your interiors against those hazardous rays that might damage your furniture and artwork.

Now, let’s talk aesthetics. We are all aware of the immediate attractiveness that a well-designed kitchen and spa-like bathroom can give your house. Take that attractiveness to the next level by adding windows that mix in with your decor perfectly, bringing a touch of sophistication to every corner and crevice.

Look Into Different Glass and Mirror Options

You can transform your kitchen and bathroom into stunning spaces using glass and mirrors. A well-placed mirror or a well-selected piece of glass may elongate a space. It can open up your kitchen and bathroom, giving your makeover a sense of wonder, much like a spatial illusion.

These design components are more than eye candy in your kitchen or partial bathroom remodel. They are visual poetry. Adding a frameless shower enclosure gives your bathroom a modern spa vibe. Mirrored backsplashes can give your kitchen a sense of grandeur.

Additionally, glass and mirrors serve as the Swiss Army knives of design rather than merely decorative elements. Shower glass and mirror enclosures act as a hygienic watchdog, keeping water in its proper place and bringing a touch of elegance to your bathroom routine. It’s like combining form and function in a captivating design dance.

Find a Trusted Plumber

Did you know that, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the typical American household can waste more than 10,000 gallons of water annually due to leaks and damaged plumbing? That startling statistic highlights the importance of having a reliable plumber on your team. A professional plumber can be the unsung hero behind the scenes, ensuring that your waterworks function well, whether you’re dreaming of a kitchen renovation that’s all about culinary talent or a bathroom paradise that’s the pinnacle of relaxation.

Imagine yourself in the following situation: you are all gathered in your newly renovated kitchen, where a culinary masterpiece is simmering. A faucet starts dripping from nowhere, converting your paradise into a mini-flood. No one wants to go through that kind of culinary nightmare. That’s where reliable local plumbers come in.

It is just as essential to prevent problems as it is to solve them. An unexpected plot twist is like a plumbing problem; the plumber is the scriptwriter who ensures the story flows smoothly. They can anticipate future problems and provide creative solutions that keep your project on schedule. You want to avoid being in the middle of a partial bathroom remodel only to discover that the shower pressure is no more substantial than a little sprinkle. You can avoid such problems by ensuring that your water-related objectives come true.

Ask the Plumber About Your Pipes

Imagine you have gorgeous new fixtures and fashionable designs ready for your kitchen or partial bathroom remodel. Still, your old, rusted pipes are quietly plotting a watery coup in the background. Talking to a plumber about your pipes becomes necessary in this situation. Your plumber is like a detective equipped with a pipe-sized magnifying glass, ready to comb through the plumbing system’s obscure crevices.

Your ancient pipes may have experienced better days, but that doesn’t necessarily imply they’re ready to stop working. By having that honest conversation with your selected plumber, you are utilizing their knowledge to ascertain if your pipes only require minor maintenance or a complete overhaul. Although piping and repiping services may sound technical, they are the secret components of a redesign that focuses on utility and aesthetics.

By enlisting your plumber’s wisdom, you’re preemptively nipping these scenarios in the bud. They may assess the condition of your pipes, spot any bottlenecks, and recommend modifications or fixes to ensure your kitchen or bathroom runs smoothly. In essence, consulting your plumber about pipes is important since it ensures the success of your remodel.

The behind-the-scenes inspection ensures your idea is translated into an aesthetically pleasing and picturesque setting. So, schedule a consultation with your plumbing investigator before you finalize your remodeling plans. Careful preparation when it comes to your pipes can prevent several plumbing problems in the future.

Think About Upgrading Your Water Heater

Let’s spotlight an unsung hero of your home’s comfort – the water heater. Did you know that water heaters account for approximately 17% of a household’s energy consumption, according to the US Department of Energy? Your dependable water heater is a true energy workhorse.

Imagine entering your bathroom for a relaxing shower after a long day, only to be abruptly greeted by ice-cold water. Talk about a buzzkill. This is where the revolutionary upgrade to a tankless water heater comes into play, promising not just the end of cold water surprises but also many other advantages that can completely change your bathroom or kitchen makeover. So, what’s the deal with these tankless water heaters?

Think of a magic tap that instantly produces hot water on demand without using a large storage tank. That is how tankless water heaters work. They heat water on-demand, so you instantly get that blissfully hot shower or perfectly brewed cup of tea. According to the US Department of Energy, tankless water heaters can be up to 34% more energy-efficient than conventional storage tank heaters, which is the real game-changer. It’s similar to switching from an outdated gas guzzler to an environmentally friendly electric car, which is good for your comfort and utility costs.

Invest in Cleaning Your Drains

Clogged drains are the main source of plumbing issues. These cunning clogs are like silent assassins waiting to ruin your shining renovation with a plumbing catastrophe. Keeping your household clean is up to your drains, which discreetly remove water and garbage.

But over time, these devoted troops may turn into battlegrounds for waste like grease, soap scum, and hair, which can result in those dreaded blockages. However, prioritizing drain cleaning allows your drains to take a spa day, flush off the accumulation, and emerge revitalized and prepared to handle the post-remodel rush. Whether you’re creating a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen or treating yourself to a wonderful shower in your updated bathroom, it’s not only about eliminating blockages; it’s about making sure your renovated rooms run at their very best.

A clean drainage system isn’t just about preventing inconveniences but also safeguarding your investment. By skipping out on drain cleaning, you risk undoing the beauty of your renovation and triggering a cascade of issues that could affect everything from water flow to pipe health. Even worse, a clogged drain can allow water to infiltrate into unanticipated spaces, resulting in water damage that can ruin your recently renovated property. By spending money on drain cleaning, you can ensure that your kitchen or partial bathroom remodel looks wonderful on the outside and inside.

Assess the Cost of Softening Your Water

According to Forbes, around 85% of American households have hard water running through their pipes. Most people cope with less kind water to their fixtures and appliances than expected. Suppose you recently finished a beautiful renovation with new appliances and fixtures but noticed ugly mineral buildup on faucets. In that case, it’s time to consider water softening.

Your pipes and appliances may accumulate mineral deposits over time, blocking them and decreasing their performance. The water softener will dissolve those minerals and transform your hard water into a docile, caring stream that is gentle on your plumbing and appliances. You can extend the life of your redesign by investing in water softener treatments, ensuring that the aesthetics and functionality you’ve invested in last for years to come.

But improving your daily routines is as important as maintaining your fixtures. Your bathroom and kitchen may perform noticeably differently with softened water. Forget about scraping away tough mineral stains from your surfaces. Better water quality will make your equipment run more effectively and efficiently, from your dishwasher to your washing machine. Therefore, even though a water softener’s initial cost may seem like an investment, it pays for itself in terms of convenience, cleanliness, and the durability of your makeover.

Investigate the Procedure for Waterproofing Your Basement

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage accounts for 29% of all annual homeowners’ insurance claims. You may be taking a big risk by investing in a fund with that many incidents. Waterproofing your basement becomes crucial; it’s a clever move that guarantees your kitchen or partial bathroom remodel will remain as stunning and useful as the day you finish it.

Leaks, mold, or moisture can damage these spaces. Investing in basement waterproofing services guarantees that your renovated basement will continue to be a dry, cozy, and pleasant addition to your living area. It’s similar to adding another layer of insurance to protect your family’s safety and the value of your property.

Beyond the practical benefits, efficient waterproofing also frees you to enjoy your newly renovated kitchen or bathroom without worrying about potential water-related problems. Knowing that your place is protected from the unpredictable forces of dampness brings serene tranquility. It’s not just about the practical advantages; it’s also about the assurance that you’re making a long-term investment in the structural integrity of your house.

A full kitchen upgrade or a partial bathroom remodel requires careful planning and consideration of several variables. Following this comprehensive checklist, you can confidently manage the remodeling process and make decisions to raise your house’s functionality, appeal, and value. From finding reputable remodeling services to addressing plumbing, water, and drainage concerns, each step contributes to the success of your renovation project.


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